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About us

Two Wheels to Freedom is a term often used, however we are really living it! Our vacation/film trips are made to give you the true moto experience complete with camping and of course campfires. Wether you decide to play guitar or have a beer next to that fire is up to you. Heck you could do both! On each trip we will be doing some filming and put together a video that you can show your friends. We love to ride, so no matter if you like Moto, Freeride or trails we will accomodate you. After all "Its your Vacation!"

Clint is usually having fun   

Clint is usually having fun


About Clint

Clint Esposito has been on two wheels his whole life. Realizing at a young age that a 9 to 5 wasn't a viable option for him he pursued a career in riding motorcycles. First was racing motocross, Clint got his Pro License at 19, he raced professional for about two years. Thats when freestyle came into the picture. Clint rode his first freestyle event in 99 and by 2001 had started a freestyle team (FMX East) and had built one of the first mobile ramp set ups. Since then Clint has traveled the world riding Freestyle motocross and meeting fellow Motocross enthusiasts. 



Freestyle motocross rider and former motocross racer performing in over 40 shows per year everything from monster truck shows to circuses. In 2001, he started FMX East and has been helping East coast freestyle grow.



Here are some firsts Clint has been apart of:


- First Portable landing ramp on the east coast

- First east coast freestyle motocross team

- Participated in first monster jam with freestyle MX on polished concrete

- Rode first Stadium Monster Jam with freestyle MX

- Tested freestyle on Ice and astro turf for Live Nation (now Feld motorsports)

- Held First amateur freestyle contest, “The FMX East Challenge”

- Organized first amateur freestyle contest series in the US. "The Moto X Challenge”

- He has produced 2 DVDs FMX East "Stakin our claim" and FMX East "Gaps and Grillz"


Bro’ (2011)              freestyle motocross stunts            Independent Film                                                      



Build to Shred         self – freestyle moto stunts            Fuel TV

How It Works         self – demo: physics of moto backflip    Discovery Channel

M-80 – 9 episodes        self – freestyle moto stunts            Fuel TV



Peanut Chews (2005)     freestyle motocross stunts              National Commercial                                 



Dirt track racing

Dirt bike tricks

Dirt take off/landing ramp planning/building



Contact Info


Phone: 201-317-5853