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100% Celium Glove review




100% Celium Glove review

Clint Esposito



Clint Esposito

February 1, 2016



Product Review

100% Celium Gloves


Last week I noticed my gloves were a little stretched out and torn up. Saturday while at a show in Rio Rancho NM I looked up bike shops. We found a Cycle Gear in Albuquerque and its glove section. I love super thin gloves, the back of the gloves needs to be thin. Most importantly the palm needs to be thin. I hate when gloves have padding in the palms, hate it. I also hate when gloves bunch up in the palm. 


The first thing I noticed with these 100% gloves was the elastic band at the opening. At first it seems like it may not accommodate your hand. You will soon notice that it stretches just fine and is nice and snug when on with out being too tight. The second thing I noticed was how thin the back of the gloves were, it almost feels like you have nothing on. Third and most importantly the palm was nice and thin, no padding at all. The palm also did not bunch, nor did I have to pull them up while riding. Which is a typical problem with gloves without a strap enclosure.


My only dislike and honestly its not really even an issue. The rubber on the palm is super tacky. It gave me a tiny bit of trouble in the warm up during the show. I got in a weird position with my throttle hand and OJ’d pretty good. To alleviate it I just picked up some dirt and rubbed it on the palms of the gloves. This let them slip just enough to feel comfortable.


Over all I give the 100% Celium Glove a 9 out of 10. I really like this glove and the price point is pretty good as well. $29 isn’t going to break the bank. I did however luck out finding them on clearance at Cycle Gear for $10. You had better go check it out if you like super thin gloves.

Clint Esposito