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Hangtown 2016, Take it outside!

Clint Esposito

Very excited about the Outdoors to finally start. Although there has only been 1 weekend off since supercross, it was a rough weekend for us MX fans. The opener as usual raised as many questions as it answered. Both classes had a runaway winners Joey Savatgy in the 250 and Ken Roczen 450. Both riders looked like they were making a statement that they would be the ones to recon with this season. Each making passes to get into the lead and then running away. When Dungey made a charge at Roczen, he calmly stepped his pace up and pulled back away. Anyone that has raced knows how hard that is unless you weren't riding at 100% in the first place. Hangtown 2016


So I guess the question is can Savatgy and Roczen keep up the pace week in and week out? Were the other riders caught off guard by the pace and intensity set by those two riders. Finally will anybody be able to respond and step up and challenge them. Both classes have a handful of riders that can win races and even the championship. From the way the first round went I would say Savatgy and Roczen have the speed and confidence to win the series. I guess we will have to wait and see if anyone can shake their confidence and get in their heads.