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Is Motocross too cool for its own good?




Is Motocross too cool for its own good?

Clint Esposito

Is Motocross too cool for its own good?

The Pick up kit debate


I hear all the time that Motocross and FMXers should be paid more since the risk is so high. Unfortunately its not apples to apples, athletes get paid a percentage of what their sport and or team generate. In the grand scheme of things Moto is a very small market. No matter how much risk there is or how much of a bad ass these guys are, money can’t just be pumped into the sport. It has to come from revenue of the sport. I’m going to be focusing on two components that effect the amount of money the athletes get.

  1. size of the fan base 

According to as of spring 2015 there were 3.6 million people who were very interested in motocross. They show that number dropped significantly since 2008. here is a little perspective I also found some statistics that 60% of americans are football fans. Thats 190 million… it seems to be the most popular sport in the US right now.

2. revenue of the sport

I found a study that said the motorcycling industry generates 10 billion from parts, gear and new bike sales. Now that includes all motorcycle sales.  the Packers alone generated 40 to 50 million in merchandise in 2013.


So here is the main point of my article. Merchandise is one of the main generators of revenue for the NFL. Of merchandise Jersey’s are top of the list, yet in motocross you are mocked for wearing your favorite riders jersey (aka pick up kit) to the mall or even the stadium to watch a supercross. My theory on this is that most people who are fans of motocross/supercross actually ride where as most football fans just watch the games. I am guilty of not wanting to wear my jersey out in public like, hey I ride. Why is that though? Why are people wearing NFL jerseys out considered fans and people with MX jerseys on out in public are called posers? would it be any different if I was wearing my favorite riders jersey instead of my own?  Imagine if you saw as many people walking around the mall wearing motocross stars jersey’s as you did Tom Brady jerseys alone.. I bet there would be much more money to pay these guys who are risking their lives.


Maybe we should stop being so cool and be a nerdy fan of the sport we love wearing jerseys around in public…