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Mad Mike Jones Profile on Blue Torch TV

Clint Esposito

Mad Mike Profile. I'm not sure anyone has made a living riding motorcycles for longer and in so many ways. Mike was a supercross contender, multi time arenacross winner and one of the original freestyle motocross riders! 

Mike was the first big named rider I met and got to ride a show with. He was as entertaining in person as he was in videos. Despite popular opinion he had tone of bar tricks.




Is Motocross too cool for its own good?

Clint Esposito

I hear all the time that Motocross and FMXers should be paid more since the risk is so high. Unfortunately its not apples to apples, athletes get paid a percentage of what their sport and or team generate. In the grand scheme of things Moto is a very small market. No matter how much risk there is or how much of a bad ass these guys are, money can’t just be pumped into the sport. It has to come from revenue of the sport. I’m going to be focusing on two components that effect the amount of money the athletes get.

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Gallery, Female faces of the races.

Clint Esposito

With there being a new Miss Monster Energy Supercross this year. "What" you say! Thats right Dianna Dahlgren will not be Miss Monster energy supercross for a fourth year. Instead we now have an ex Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Juliana Daniel. This made me start to think about past Female faces of race series. Here are a few you might remember.

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Throw Back Thursday Pin-up girls

Clint Esposito